Prinkipia opened its first self-serve frozen yogurt store in 2012. By consistently seeking to elevate the status quo with our special quality and flavors, we’ve since expanded to close to twenty locations throughout the Southland.

We put a lot of work into creating a memorable experience for our customers. From the wide array of choices in flavors and toppings to the effort we place in creating the perfect, unique atmosphere to each and every store, our goal has been for our customers to make their exits with a smile on their face and their taste buds indulged.

Never complacent, we strive to continue raising the bar each and every day. We’re always looking to find ways to improve our service, add to our flavors and create a pleasurable environment where people of all walks in life can sit back and enjoy a simple serving of frozen yogurt.

So swing by a Prinkipia near you and try a healthy and delicious frozen yogurt. At Prinkipia, you’re in complete control. So try our many blends of premium frozen yogurt; top it all of with an array of fresh, hand-cut fruit. Don’t like fruit? You can take it back to your childhood days and choose to go with fruity pebbles. Whatever choice you make, we hope that you take a brief moment out of your day just to enjoy the simple pleasure of a serving of frozen yogurt.