Would you like to open a Prinkipia Frozen Yogurt in your area? You can! Since Prinkipia Frozen Yogurt opened its first store in Brea, CA in 2012, we have had many people across Southern California and abroad express interest in having a Prinkipia Frozen Yogurt in their town. We’re thrilled to announce the availability of the Prinkipia Frozen Yogurt brand to those who are ready to start one.


Prinkipia Frozen Yogurt offers a unique licensing agreement to potential licensees. That means no royalty fees whatsoever. Although there is a heavy amount of selectivity when it comes to approving the right licensees, for the right match, Prinkipia will provide highly personalized attention and investment into the strategy, training and support of all of our licensees. We want to do everything in our power to position Prinkipia’s licensees for extraordinary results.


To learn more, head on over to our licensing application section.