Prinkipia frozen yogurt offers great tasting and healthy frozen yogurt with non-fat and low-fat flavors. The primary ingredient is dairy, which is made from milk fermented with bacterial culture – this type of good-for-you bacteria, or probiotics, which helps your body rid harmful microorganisms. Our frozen yogurt help influence a person’s balanced diet, including streptococcus thermophiles bacteria that help your digestive function reduce allergic reactions.

Prinkipia’s frozen yogurt is also stock full of vitamins and other well-known nutrition of yogurt — calcium, protein, magnesium, potassium, zinc and selenium — recommended by many nutritionists as part of a healthy, balanced diet. These minerals have been linked with the healthy formations of teeth, bones and cells along with the overall function of the nervous and immune systems.

Because yogurt helps absorb B vitamins and calcium more readily, regular consumption of yogurt can also help maximize nutritional value out of other foods which in turn helps boost your immune system.

All this while you can still indulge in your taste buds!